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drying powder briquette machine and mill scales briquette press to Russia

In December 2019, Russian customers came to our company to visit and check the metallurgical powder briquette press machine. He checked the dry powder briquette machine ZZG-530 and the common briquette machine ZZXM-15, both of which can be used to press the metallurgical powder, such as oxide skin, mill scales, iron ore powder, coal powder, steel slag, ferrosilicon, etc. The difference is that the dry powder briquette machine requires that the moisture of the raw material should not exceed 3% in process, common type briquette machine needs to add binder to raw materials and mix with water to keep the feed humidity at 8-15%. After tested and inspected both briquette press equipment,customer returned to Russia and placed an order with our company to purchase one dry powder briquette machine ZZG530 and one ZZXM-15. The photo is the record of our company's delivery:


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