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The manganese ore briquette press equipment be shipped to Iran

 It is very busy that our company has arranged the delivery of goods to five customers in recent days, It is now December 23, 2020. the weather is sunny, Our workers are eager to deliver goods to an Iranian customer. This customer has ordered a full set of manganese ore briquettes pressing production line with an output of 10 tons per hour, including material bin, double shaft mixers, adhesive feeder and hydraulic briquette pressing machine/briquette machine, briquetteing machine, We didnt provide him belt conveyors on this line, because Iran is also an industrial country with strong machinery manufacturing capacity, belt conveyors and crushers will be purchased or manufactured locally by customers, which can reduce investment costs. The customer's raw materials are mainly manganese ore, coal and silicon manganese, They are not worried about the quality of our equipment briquette machine/briquette press/briquetting making machine/briquetting machine.The reason is he visited the working live of our briquette machine locally in Iran, he much understands the production status of our devices and has strong confidence in our briquette machine. After 20 days of scheme negotiation, he placed a purchase order with us, and we arranged production and delivery as soon as possible, as shown in the photo, It's the silhouette of the shipment at our factory:


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