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raw materials of briquette machine

The briquette machine from ZHONGZHOU machinery is specialized to press briquettes into round, oval, pillowed shape, squared etc customized , the briquettes can be 20-100mm depend on models of briquette machine, here we would like to tell everybody, our briquette machine can press mining mateirals and verious kinds of materials such as:
  • Chemicals (sodium sulphate, sodium chloride, carbonates, sodium cyanide, potassium cyanide, iron sulphate, potassium bromide, boric acid, urea, ...).
  • Minerals (alumina, bauxite, lime, dolomite, gypsum, china clay, magnesia, fluorspar, paint pigments, sulphur, ...).
  • Gypsum from power station flue gas desulphurisation Minerals (chromium, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, lead, zinc, ...)
  • Metallic oxides (Waelz oxides), rare earth oxides, zirconium hydroxide, ferro-alloys, molybdenum trioxide, zircon sand... Steel turnings
  • Coal : production of briquettes for home or industrial heating (partial coke oven charge, briquettes treated to obtain formcoke, briquettes for gasification). Coal for production of activated carbon Lignite, peat, etc..
  • Charcoal
  • By-products from steel mills and metallurgy.
  • Graphite, carbon black
  • Phosphate (hot or cold briquetting)
  • Clay
  • Detergents
  • Frozen food
  • Sugar
  • Glass batch
  • Steelworks waste materials and by-products (sludge, mill dust, sintering fines, mill scale, coke fines...)
  • Dried sewage sludge, 
Some mateirals require no water in briquetting process, it should be completed by our high pressure briquette machine, if your raw materials allow to water and binder in process, the common pressure briquette machine is best choice, because the common briquette machine is more economical than the high pressure briquette machine. You also can contact with us and tell us the demands of briquettes production you required, we will provide you a suitable proposal.Different raw materials should be pressed by different pressure briquette machine, if need a binder or not.

Have any question about the briquettes production, just let us know about it, we will do our best to provide you the best proposal!

ZHONZGHOU briquette machinery


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