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coal fined briquettes dryer was deliver to Mongolia

With the arrival of summer, the temperature in our city continues to rise, posing significant challenges to the daily operation of factories. Faced with the scorching heat, our factory has taken a series of effective measures to ensure the smooth operation of the production line and timely delivery of goods.

In the shipping area of the factory, workers are systematically lifting the each body of  dryer onto the trailers. Although sweat soaked their work clothes, they did not slack off at all. The factory manager explained that in order to cope with the high temperature, the factory has adjusted its operating hours, avoided the hottest time of the day, and provided workers with sufficient drinking water and heatstroke prevention drugs. The shipper of this batch of goods is a state-owned enterprise from Mongolia, which specializes in producing refined coal briquettes for people's livelihood. In 2023 and 2024, this Mongolian company purchased our company's production lines for refined coal briquette press equipment such as briquette machine, mixers, and coal briquettes dryers, vertical dryer. Today, our factory completed the production of the secondary purchase of dryers and arranged for shipment in advance.

The workers said that although the weather is hot, the factory business is also thriving, and they receive income based on their work volume, which gives them more motivation every time they ship goods.

The customer expressed satisfaction with the factory's ability to maintain delivery efficiency during high temperatures. A customer said, "Despite the hot weather, our orders were not affected, and the professionalism of the factory is admirable."
In the scorching summer, every employee of the Zhongzhou company is a respected guardian. Their persistence and efforts have ensured the stability of production and the trust of customers. The factory management stated that they will continue to explore and optimize work arrangements during the hot season to ensure employee health and meet market demand.



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