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  • high pressure briquette machine
  • high pressure briquette machine
  • high pressure briquette machine
  • high pressure briquette machine

High Pressure Briquette Machine

  • Production capacity:

    1-30 million tons of production

  • Application:

    mining materials, metallurgical materials,coal industry,metallurgy industry, chemical and fertilizer industry, refractory industry

  • Brief description:

    Zhongzhou high pressure briquette machine is mainly used to press the lignite, coal, iron concentrate, aluminum powder, coke, iron oxide, carbon powder, carbon powder, slag, gypsum, tailings, sludge, kaolin, activated carbon, other ore powder, widely used

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Zhongzhou high pressure briquette machine/briquetting machine is mainly used to press the lignite, coal, iron concentrate, aluminum powder, coke, iron oxide, carbon powder, carbon powder, slag, gypsum, tailings, sludge, kaolin, activated carbon, other ore powder, widely used in refractories, metallurgy, chemical industry, power plants, energy, transportation, heating and other industries, the briquettes pressed by high pressure briquette machine/briquetting machine is energy saving and environmental protection, convenient transportation, improve the utilization rate of waste, with advantages of continuous production, high automation, good economic and social benefits.

There are two types of high pressure briquette machine/briquetting machine in Zhongzhou company, one is standard briquette machine/briquetting machine, antoher one  is sepical high pressure briquette machine, customer should choose one of them depend on raw materials, some raw materials such as coal, lignite, iron scales, coke allow to be added some binder and water in briquetting process, it better choose standard high pressure briquette machine to complete briquettes production, but some materials such as quicklime, magnesium, fluorite powder,aluminium powder not allow to add any water in process, it have to choose special high pressure briquette machine to complete briquettes production, so when inquiry, customer should tell us your raw materials is, and if it allow to add water in process, Zhongzhou company offer you a proper proposal.
The complete of standard high pressure briquette machine production line include hopper---crusher---feeder---mixer---briquette machine, and vertical dryer, here we sincerely state the process of standard high pressure briquette machine prodction line as follows:
1. Rotary Dryer
Rotary dryer is widely used to dry humidity granularity materials in the industries of mineral dressing, building material, metallurgy and chemical, coal mine, etc. Wide supply scope and simple operation are the main features of it, materials should be dried to 3-10% water content that meet the demands of briquetting.
2. Two Stage Crusher:
Two stage crusher is designed and optimized in accordance with international latest crushing technology. It can crush all kinds of hard ore/metallurgy materials such as limestone, clinker, coal,coke,manganese, silica, iron ore, zinc oxide etc minerals in the metallurgy, mining, chemical industry. Its humidity of raw materials can be reach to 40%,the feeding size reach to 400mm, after crushing, the particle not more than 3mm to meet briquetting.
3. Hopper silo:
 This is an automatic proportioning feeder which is used together with next mixer. It can automatically perform feed proportioning procedure according to the proportion setup pf customers so that improve working efficiency. That is composed of feeding unit, proportioning unit, electronic control system, etc.
4. Horizontal Two-shaft Mixer:
The horizontal two- shaft mixer mix materials continuously and uniformly. During the mixing, to add water and binder (liquid binder or powderd binder is considered by user's formula),controlling moisture in 8-15%,then the blended materials continuously go into briquette machine for briquetting by belt conveyor,
5. High Pressure Briquette Machine:
Zhongzhou standard high pressure briquette machine is a new patented type of ore briquetting machine, easy to operate, high pressure, work stably, energy conservantion, environmental friendly, easy for user to remove and install, mould can be produced in accordance with customer's requirements, the final briquettes has high hardness, high density, espcially the thermal intensity is high.
6. Vertical Dryer:
This is the professional equipment for drying briquettes, no matter coal briquettes,metallurgy briquettes, all can be dried by this vertical dryer, the moisture content of briquettes can be reduced to 3%, cause of briquettes came from briquette machine with 12% water content, using a drying equipment is necessary for a large scale project. Vertical dryer has the advantages of continuous production, small occupation area, low energy consumption, less parts, low failure, high yield, it is a customer preferred drying equipment.
7. Belt Conveyor:
This belt conveyor
transfers material into every equipment, make the whole production line work continuously and automatically. It works under the temperature situation ranging from -20℃ to +40℃, the transferred material should be lower than 50℃.
8. Electric control cabinet
Its main role is for the all motors' start and stop control in the whole production line, under the special requirement it's also able to control the position of the motor and the speed, fault detection and fault diagnosis can be carried out when the motor is in fault, which is very convenient and quick.

Different materials will be designed different production solution, customer at the time of consultation need inform us of the materials' moisture, particle size, yield, briquettes size, shape, some special circumstances maybe need auxiliary equipment such as other types of crusher,other types of mixer,screen mesh, vibration sieve, binder feeder, liquid mixing tank, magnetic separator, electronic belt weigher, variable-frequency drive.

If you are interested in our other type high pressure briquette machine/briquetting machine, please consult with us ZHONGZHOU Machinery  by e-mail or online E-MAIL: zzbriquettemachine@dzzzg.cn, TEL: +86-371-64597766 , Mobilephone: +86-13783550028.

Zhengzhou Zhongzhou Briquette Machinery Plant has formed a professional manufacturer on researching and developmenting, design and manufacture briquette machine in China, and equipped with the perfect test room of briquette machine/briquetting machine , our factory can determine the process process and process parameters, and complete the model selection and design and manufacture based on users' material through experiment, that is the most complete and specific briquette machine manufacturing base. Welcome to visit our factory!

Model ZZG530 ZZG650 ZZG750 ZZG850
Diameter of roll 530mm 650mm 750mm 850mm
Width of roll 196mm 196mm 196mm 250mm
Max linear pressure ratio 5 t/cm 6 t/cm 6t/cm 8 t/cm
Total pressure 100t 110t 120t 130t
Main power 55kw 75kw 90kw 90kw 132kw
Pre-pressure power(speed adjustment) 18.5kw 18.8kw 22kw 22kw 22kw
Oil pump powder 1.5kw 1.5x2kw 1.5x2kw 1.5x2kw
Main rotation speed 9r/min 9r/min 9r/min 9r/min
Size of briquettes 38x25x13mm 38x25x13mm 38x25x13mm 38x25x13mm
Output 3t/h 5t/h 8t/n 8t/h 12t/h 9t/h 15t/h

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