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  • clean coal briquette machine
  • clean coal briquette machine
  • clean coal briquette machine
  • clean coal briquette machine

Clean Coal Briquette Machine

  • Production capacity:

    1-30 million tons of production

  • Application:

    Civil coal, industrial coal and lime production line

  • Brief description:

    briquette production line equipment is the first choice of investment projects of energy saving and emission reduction in coal industry. Briquette production line can be dried to a certain extent, coal ash and other bulk coal products pressing coal, coke

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Clean coal briquettes means using the selected low sulfur low volatile pulverized anthracite (or semi-coke), through sieving, crushing, adding a certain proportion of adhesive ,combustion improver, desulfurizer and waterproof additive etc, then through a mixing machine, fully mixing together, pressed into difform briquettes by Zhongzhou clean coal briquette machine , roller cold pressed type, the briquettes is with a certain intensity, can meet the government emission standards , sulfur content below 0.4%, volatile below 12%, ash content below 24%, the water is less than 4%, at the same time keep the calorific value of 5740 kcal or more. It is estimated that the saving rate of clean briquetted coal is more than 20% (if tuse the special coal stove, coal saving rate will be more than 30%), sulfide and toxic gas emissions reduced more than 70%, soot emissions reduced more than 80%.
Promotion of clean coal briquettes is mainly in order to reduce air pollution, improve the utilization rate of coal combustion.

Making clean coal briquettes by ZHONGZHOU clean cal briquette machine(civilian):
1. The main raw materials: bituminous coal, anthracite coal, semi-coke.
2. Accessories: a variety of organic additives (binder, modifier etc.).
3. Features: more inflammable than anthracite, clean and smokeless, high calorific value (5300~6000 calories), environmental protection.
4. Product performance characteristics: good reliability, production can be controlled well.
5. Price: cheap (900~950 RMB / Ton), as the main raw material is a by-product of semi-coke which is from at the end of the dry distillation of bituminous coal, the price is cheap.
6. packaging: 25 kg standard woven bag packaging.
7. Logistics: it is easy to close packed transportation to solve the dust pollution in the process of logistics.
8. Promotion: since the clean coal briquettes is from sufficient raw materials, cheap, clean, environmentally friendly products, reliable performance,production controlled, it will the ideal product that replaced powder coal burning in near the future.

Making squared coal briquettes (civil central heating, industrial use)
1. Main raw materials: all kinds of low quality coal, raw material sufficient.
2. Accessories: a variety of additives (such as: sulfur fixing agent, binder, modifier, etc.).
3. Squared coal briquette features: clean, smoke-free, environmental protection, low calorific value (usually less than 4000 calories), product performance characteristics: production reliability.
4. Price: super cheap (450~500 RMB / Ton), highly competitive.
5. Packaging: carton packaging.
6. Logistics: easy to close packed transportation.
7. Shortcomings: the need for special stove, the stove only can heating, not cooking.
8. Promotion: it is the most ideal briquettes as heating, cheap price, easy production and environmental protection, production controlled, adequate raw materials.

Clean coal briquettes has six advantages:
1. It is easy to burning,has high calorific value, is two times than the calorific value of traditional bulk coal, greatly reducing coal consumption.
2. It production safety, it has no black smoke, no odor, very low harm to the human body.
3. It is more convenient.
4. It is more environmental friendly, clean coal briquettes has no dust when burning, less harmful, low sulfur content, not cause air pollution;
5. It is more energy saving, the comprehensive energy efficiency is more than 50% in the combustion;
6. It is more economical.

The clean coal briquette machine we produced is specifically designed for briquetting clean coal ,semi-coke materials, it has high productivity, high degree of automation, production efficiency,low failure rate, easy maintenance, so Zhongzhou clean coal briquette machine was welcomed by many enterprises at home and abroad to explore, mutual benefit and win-win. 

Model  Performance ZZXM-4 ZZXM-6 ZZXM-8 ZZXM-10 ZZXM-15 ZZXM-20 ZZXM-30 ZZXM-40
Output 3-4t/h 6t/h 8t/h 10t/h 15t/h 20t/h 30t/h 40t/h
Roller width 250mm 240mm 220mm 300mm 336mm/400mm 428mm/500mm 500mm 00mm
Roller diameter 360mm 400mm 450mm 500mm 650mm 750mm 850mm 1000mm
Power 7.5 kW 11 kW 18.5kW 22kW 37kW 55kW 90 kW 110kW
Reducer ZQ350 ZQ400 ZQ500 ZQ500 ZQ650 ZQ850 ZQ1000 ZQ1000
Pressure type Mechincal Mechincal Mechincal Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Roller material 65Mn 65Mn 65Mn 65Mn 65Mn 65Mn 65Mn 65Mn
9Cr2 9Cr2 9Cr2 9Cr2 9Cr2 9Cr2 9Cr2 9Cr2
wear-resistant alloy wear-resistant alloy wear-resistant alloy wear-resistant alloy
Roller assemble Split-clamp type Temper assembly Temper assembly
Hardness of roller 52-62 HRC 52-62 HRC 52-62 HRC 52-62 HRC 52-62 HRC 52-62 HRC 52-62 HRC 52-62 HRC
Pressure structure Four-rollers double pressure Four-rollers double pressure Four-rollers double pressure
Dimension  (mm) 1200x1150x1835 1400x1298x2125 1700x1510x2200 2000x1960x2440 2188x1972x1670 2660x2300x1750 2965x2450x1980 3065x28850x2220
Weight(kg) 2100 2300 2750 5800 7600 9000 15500 25000

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