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deliver briquette machine to Russia 2024

Russian President Putin's state visit to China and discussions on cooperation in multiple fields indicate close economic and industrial cooperation between the two countries, which may provide a background for technological exchange and trade in industrial equipment such as briquette presses.
Russia uses its "bottom of the box" technology to help China break through in technology, which means that the two countries have in-depth cooperation in industrial technology, including possible mechanical and technological transfer. As a part of a Chinese enterprise, our company used to establish cooperative relationships with Russian customers and provide briquette press machines /briquette machine and complete production line equipment to provide technical support for the mining, metallurgy, coal mining, and charcoal industries in Russia. Today, we are sending another set of model 650 briquette machine and supporting equipment to Russian customers. This briquette machine is used for coal briquette production and can produce 15T/H. If you are interested in brqiuette press machines and ore powder briquette machine, please contact our company and we will continue to discuss cooperation content. ZHONGZHOU briquette machine will support your briquetting production project!


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