Zhengzhou Zhongzhou Briquette Machinery Plant is the first specialized enterprise of manufacturing briquetting machine in domestic. Since the first large high-pressure briquetting machine ZZG530 was finished trial-manufacture in 1993, the company has formed more than 5 models after many years of research, tests, and improvements. The structure, performance, quality and service life of products have reached world-advanced level.

It has become a professional plant integrated of development, research, test, design, manufacturing and service for high-pressure briquetting machine in domestic with the most perfect briquettes test machine and the related laboratory. Our plant can confirm the process flow, process parameters and finish model-selecting, design and manufacturing of briquetting machine based on the test that raw materials are provided by users. Our plant is the production base in China, providing the most complete and latest briquetting machine. 

This series high pressure briquette machine is different from ordinary briquette machine, It's a rolling briquette devices that pressing various dry powder into high bulk density briquettes by preloading device, mainly used in coal, mining, metallurgy, refractory materials, building materials and light metal industries, and it's often press the special material which not allow any water and addtive in briquetting process such as: calcium aluminate, limestone, quicklime, cryolite, chemical fertilizer, magnesium powder,copper powder, chromite ore fines, aluminium dust ,bauxite and graphite powder etc materials.calcium aluminate, limestone, quicklime, cryolite, chemical fertilizer, magnesium powder,copper powder, chromite ore fines, aluminium dust , bauxite and graphite powder etc materials. Because of its higher purchase costs and operating costs, Zhongzhou suggest customer choose the ordinary briquette machine if your raw materials allow to add addive and water. This machine demand raw material should be controlled in 60-200 mesh, and the maximum size not more than 2mm which also not more than 20%, humidity of materials under 3%. The final briquettes are usually used for smelting in kiln in different industries.



  • good effect material extrusion, high briquetting rate, and briquettes strength high;

  • good using effect roller surface, using-life is long;

  • adopt double shafts of reducer structure, improve on roll precision,

  • adopt full-steel reducer box, good sealing property

  • using hard tooth surface gear, improve using performance and life;

  • the pre pressure device uses adjustable speed motor,

  • all wear pieces are welding wear alloy, improve using performance and the life;

  • hydraulic station independent placed, can adjust pressure and has super pressure protection function.



Any change of technical data shall not be advised additionally.

Mode ZZG530 ZZG650 ZZG750 ZZG850
Diameter of roll 530mm 650mm 750mm 850mm
Width of roll 196mm 196mm 196mm 250mm
Max linear pressure ratio 5 t/cm 6 t/cm 6t/cm 8 t/cm
Total pressure 100t 110t 120t 130t
Main power 55kw 75kw 90kw 90kw 132kw
Pre-pressure power(speed adjustment) 18.5kw 18.8kw 22kw 22kw 22kw
Oil pump powder 1.5kw 1.5x2kw 1.5x2kw 1.5x2kw
Main rotation speed 9r/min 9r/min 9r/min 9r/min
Size of briquettes 38x25x13mm 38x25x13mm 38x25x13mm 38x25x13mm
Output 3t/h 5t/h 8t/n 8t/h 12t/h 9t/h 15t/h


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Ordering instructions:

  • 1. The general right of Assembly loading supplies, if left installed is required shall be specified in the contract.
  • 2. Supply general motors, if user uses the frequency conversion motor, should be specified in the contract.
  • 3. The output, energy consumption is related to material properties and the size of briquettes, the parameter listed in the table is based on our standard size, calculated as the density of quicklime into briquettes.